aesthetic for fall is a ridiculous red lace see thru bra with a chunky ass oatmeal turtleneck sweater on top


wildflowers of the North Cascades, Washington



Destiny’s Child - The Insider - Making Of Bootylicious

fabiolaching !


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i love selfies i love that you took the time to let the world see you i love that you want the world to see you you are so brave and you look so good

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this is very important to me. this is a goal. i am fighting always for this. good for you, little anime girl.

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this is everything I stand for

this is everything I stand for

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feminism as a trendy thing that famous actors and actresses explain to late-night hosts as “just being about equality!!!!!!!!” makes me really really nervous.

going to the thrift store with lauren tomorrow (which is the happiest most comforting sentence i can think of).